Delivering Global Best Practice Locally

Located in Waroona south of Perth, Premium Waste Management (PWM) provides construction, demolition and general inert waste recycling and disposal services to local business and industry. PWM operates a modern C&D sorting and separation facility, recovering recyclable items for reuse and further processing non-recyclable waste by way of volume reduction to ensure maximum use of available landfill air space.

The PWM recycling facility accepts all types of mixed inert builders waste as well as green waste, wood waste, cardboard, used mattresses and steel.

PWM offers a range of competitively priced services for our customers. The Waroona operation accepts all types of construction and demolition waste plus, soils, clays, asphalt, concrete, general green waste, tree stumps, garden clippings, and other debris. PWM provides an easy and convenient site for recovery, recycling and disposal of common inert products. The site is well laid out to accommodate deliveries of any size from household trailers right through to triple road trains.

The wide range of available services and detailed knowledge of the industry have made PWM the trusted choice for construction and demolition customers. We accept waste from both residential and commercial clients, and no job is too big or too small.

PWM is an ECO Accredited Recycler guaranteeing between 93% and 97% of all waste received is recovered, recycled and importantly diverted away from landfill. PWM supports ECO’s waste management operations through provision of secondary C&D sorting and recycling as well as offering a professionally managed Class 1 inert landfill for non-recyclable residual waste and asbestos.

Recovered, Recycled Products

PWM is committed to recycling and as an ECO Accredited Recycler you can be sure of best in class recycling rates and a range of available products such as:

  • Recycled sands
  • Recycled road base (made to MRWA standards)
  • Mulch
  • Timber shred (Used for waste to energy facilities)

PWM Goal

Our goal is to create long-term relationships with customers. Our customers know PWM’s broad industry experience sets it apart from the competition and that PWM has established itself as a convenient, efficient option for recycling and inert landfill services in the South West. We’ve made it a top priority to continue offering our customers best-in-class products and services. As part of the ECO Resources group of companies, PWM is also an HIA Regional Green smart Partner.

Inert Landfill Operations

Adjacent to the recycling facility is PWM’s Class I inert landfill. The PWM Landfill can accept waste from all areas and acts as a final point of disposal for non-recoverable, non-recyclable inert waste derived from the waste handling process. PWM is proud of its landfill operations, in particular its volume reduction system which ensures all waste requiring landfilling is first processed to guarantee maximum volume reduction and compaction is achieved prior to burial

PWM Landfill can accept the following waste:

  • Builders Rubble: Bricks, concrete, sand, gyprock and tiles.
  • Plastics: Hard plastic, agricultural plastic.
  • Tyres: Car, 4WD and oversize tyres from mining machinery.
  • Asbestos: (Must be double wrapped in 200um black plastic and marked with "Caution Asbestos" in 50mm high writing).
  • Asbestos Contaminated Soils (ACS).
  • Blasting sand, garnet, and casting sand.